Our History

Once upon a time, a Real Art employee (we'll call her Jenn since that's her name) started a little side business of trafficking gum (extra samples from a project) from her workspace. Whenever anyone was in need of some, they could just see Jenn or visit the cabinet above her desk. A co-worker suggested calling her side "business" Real Mart, and a store was born. On any given day in Real Mart, you'd find packs of gum, a few mints left in a pack, half a bag of chips, a safety pin...you get the picture.

Like any other business, Real Mart had some drama. Its sign was vandalized. Its offerings dwindled. Poor economy or not-Real Mart faded away.

One day, Real Arters had an idea to revive Real Mart and bring it back better than ever. This time they'd sell products crafted by the talented Real Art team and open the store up to anyone who visited the site.

Now, crafting unique gifts isn't a new idea to Real Art. They've been creating holiday gifts for clients, family and friends since the dawn of time. Ok, maybe not since the dawn of time, but the exact year isn't really relevant. What is important is that Real Art employees love creative, original ideas. And whether they are sewing, drawing, programming or welding, they've had a great time working on these projects every single year.

So, Jenn and the rest of the Real Art gang built the online Real Mart store to bring you the very best of their handcrafted products. Hopefully you'll enjoy the variety of goods that Real Mart offers and you'll come back time and time again to see what's new.