Shipping Policies

To save you from reading lines and lines of boring copy about how we'll get your purchases to you, we've created a short and sweet Q&A overview. If we haven't addressed your question below, please email it to us or send us a message- chances are someone else wants to ask it too.

How are Real Mart's shipping costs calculated?
We ship all of our goods via FedEx Ground, so all we need to calculate your shipping costs is the zip code where you’re sending your purchase. Enter your zip code during checkout and voilà!

Your final shipping costs are also based on the total weight of your purchase(s), which is rounded up to the nearest pound due to shipping standards. For example, if you buy two bracelets, which weight .25 pounds each, you will be charged one pound for shipping.

What shipping methods are available? Will I be able to choose?
You have two options when it comes to receiving your Real Mart goods. Your first option is to have it shipped to you via FedEx Ground. Simply enter your zip code during checkout and get your exact shipping costs.

Or, if you're in the Dayton area and want to pick up your purchase, come on over! We'll have your purchase all packaged and ready to go, and you'll get to skip those pesky shipping costs.

Will Real Mart ship internationally?
Nope. Sorry. We're not offering international shipping at this time. Not even if you beg...

What if I need my item super fast?
If you need something quick and can’t stop by our office to pick it up, contact us and we’ll try to work something out.

What if my product arrives damaged?
We'll do everything we can to let the person delivering your package know just how fragile and precious the contents are. We know accidents happen though, and sometimes things might arrive slightly (or majorly) damaged. If that's the case, please contact us immediately, and we'll make it right.

What shipping methods are in the works?